Publisher Yield Management


My name is Kiril Duovski based in Amsterdam (NL), I have been working in the online digital marketing industry for over a decade. After having worked on the publisher side (sell side) and on the advertiser side (buy side) as well as for technology platforms that connect both - demand side platforms (DSP), I bring comprehensive knowledge of the online display & video advertising landscape. And all this not only locally in The Netherlands but across the globe, I have monetized and acquired traffic in 50+ countries! yield management

What can I do for publishers

  • Having knowledge of both sales and acquisition (marketing) helps in better monetizing websites for publishers through full stack yield management, while maintaining brand safety and user retention.
  • In my career I have implemented multiple SSPs, migrated SSPs and adservers, managed SSP waterfalls, set-up dynamic allocation and header bidding
  • I have hired and trained demand teams and implemented tools for programmatic sales
  • Thousands of programmatic buyer contacts with top global agencies in many markets worldwide. Read more about my programmatic demand sales offering
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What publishers get

I increase publisher online advertising revenues, advise on how/where to place ads on your properties, which banner sizes best to use and how to get you fill rates and CPMs at an ultimate level!

Furthermore I advise on pricing & pricing strategies and identifying best demand sources for each publisher.
When I do programmatic sales, recuring revenues continue throughout the year

How I achieve greater yield

display advertising

After carefully analysing a websites current buyers and performance I start with implementing floor prices. I analyze the traffic and the market in which the publisher has presence, I carefully pick the ideal ad technology monetization partners (SSP's). I setup a sales strategy for yielding day to day online advertising revenues, via banner ad sales, affiliate marketing, video or native content advertising. Moreover I establish relationships with trading desks (agency & independent) and direct programmatic buyers to drive demand. Research which advertisers would be a best fit per publisher and directly contact/connect them as either direct or programmatic buyers.


Who I work with

I optimize ad sales for small niche websites (10MM monthly impressions) and large (2B+ monthly impressions), successfully monetizing both desktop and mobile (in-app and web).

What I excel at

  • Yield management
  • Programmatic sales/demand
  • Programmatic deal setup
  • Online display advertising
  • Header bidding
  • Website revenue optimization
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Programmatic trading
  • Ad server "daisy chain" optimization
  • Connecting ad-tech vendors
  • Ad optimization

As my client you will get

  • 10+ years of online digital experience
  • Knowledge and insights from both sides of advertising (buy side & sell side)
  • Top level services
  • Dedicated ad yield expert
  • Experienced programmatic sales person
  • Monetization consulting for ad inventory, placement, size, content & data strategy for both programmatic as well as direct sales team
  • Insightful and actionable reporting & Analysis

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