Programmatic Sales


Over a decade of online media ad sales or advertising agency experience, selling, optimizing and yielding programmatic display and video for publishers around the globe. Including hundreds of programmatic agency buyer contacts and relationships, with which I can create demand in almost any market worldwide and for any online publisher. yield management

What I do for publishers

I am a digital and programmatic expert with deep knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of programmatic sales offerings including electronic trading platforms, data-enabled products, and sales process automation platforms.

My primary responsibility is to focus on meeting and exceeding revenue and budget goals while focusing on driving profitable growth.

The Steps

  • Sell publisher inventory >> Contact and connect with major programmatic agency buyers
  • Setup Programmatic Deals (PMPs, PG's, Preferred Deals) in publishers SSP, assure it starts & delivers
  • Optimize & report on a weekly basis with buyers
  • Weekly & monthly reports to the publisher

I do all the above steps autonomously, removing any additional workload from your current staff. The benefit here for you being incremental and importantly recurring revenues!


Responsibilities I take on

  • Bringing in new clients
  • Scaling international or longtail revenue
  • Growing existing business
  • Building demand side partnerships

Who I work with

  • Publishers that don’t have any programmatic sales employees in their organization.
  • Publishers whos main focus is their local market, I take care of all international traffic.
  • Publishers that need an extra pair of hands in peak quarters throughout the year.
  • Get in touch, send me a message